xtava Pro Satin Infrared Hair Straightener Review

Tame that Mane!

I can definitely understand what its like to struggle with frizzy hair that just won’t get itself under control. I’ve spent my share of years trying to cut the frizz away with scissors, tame it with hair products, and, eventually, trying to track down the perfect flat iron to get it in line. Having taken the time to really look into the xtava Pro Satin I can confidently say that it has made my wish list and should make all my frizzy-haired sisters happy.

A Wondrous Red Strip of Pure Magic

Pure magic? Is that an overstatement? I can’t necessarily say so because the infrared technology in this iron sure seems like magic to me. People everywhere are talking about how it takes straightening their difficult hair to a whole other level – one where impossible suddenly feels possible!

OK, you’ve probably seen other irons made by companies that offer this incredible infrared ability, but have you ever actually been able to see that ability in action? The thick red strip down the middle of the heat plates is the area where the infrared rays make their way out and into your hair.

What’s so great about infrared? Well, I sure am glad you asked! By making heat penetrate further into your hair, infrared heat does two things – heats hair faster (so you have less exposure to potentially damaging heat) and locks in moisture. Since damage leads to split ends that just increase frizziness issues, this is good news. Because a lack of moisture is a BIG DEAL when it comes to frizzy hair, this is even better news.

Keep The Moisture Where it Belongs!

Many of my fellow frizzies may be wondering, “How can moisture be a good thing? My hair turns into a poofball every time it rains!” And yeah, I get it – mine does too. The thing is, though, that our hair intensifies its volume when moisture comes into the picture because it’s soaking it all up! We have hair that likes to drink the air!! If, however, we supply it with ample moisture and get it all filled up while simultaneously using heat to force it flat, we can avoid that entire annoying issue.

Tried to use another straightener, got your hair straight, and found that you poofed right back up as soon as it got humid or rainy? That’s because it did NOT have this awesome infrared ability.

xTava infrared technology

Infrared makes the difference

Easy and Convenient Storage

There are few things I find more annoying in my bathroom than opening a drawer or cupboard to find a mess of electronics all wrapped and tangled in each other. When I owned a non-locking flat iron this was often a problem (combine that with the non-locking crimper I’ve held onto for way too many years and you can see what happened). Despite wrapping cords properly there was still a mess because the open-mouthed tools weren’t easy to fit inside.

With this xtava you can just click the locking button to hold the mouth closed. Then, just tuck it into any drawer you want, or even wrap the cord and place it on a shelf – it will be thin and compact enough!

Travel All You Like

It is capable of working with 110 volt and 240 volt electrical systems so that you can gallivant around the globe with it. Frizzy hair on a business trip? Pictures of your wild mane on your vacation? NOPE! You will keep your style on point and stay one step ahead of the weather wherever you are.

Setting the Course for Coarse Hair Products

OK, so you already know that the infrared technology will allow this baby to get your frizzies under control, but will it work for those of us with frizzy AND coarse hair? In a word – Yes! Thanks to the very high 445-degree Fahrenheit setting, this iron will penetrate even the thickest locks. It’ll get through coarse individual strands and thick chunks of hair so that you don’t need to spend hours sectioning and straightening your hair. You know what I mean!

Wanna’ share it with a friend or your sister or that random person at the gym? Well, while I don’t suggest sharing with the random person at the gym, you can rest assured knowing that this straightener will meet their needs as well, regardless of their hair types. Yes, the 445-degree setting is fantastic for those of us with thick coarse hair, but two lower settings make this straightener usable for people with thin to medium hair, as well.

But Don’t MAKE Curls

Given the width of this large straightener, I have to say it really isn’t your best choice if you are looking for something to make elegant rings of curls. It’s best for those who just want to straighten.

Have a difficult-to-tame mane like mine? Hop on over to Amazon to check out the competitive price of this outstanding iron!