Xtava Hotness 3 in 1 Flat Iron, Curler & Brush

What?! A Three-in-One Straightener, Curler, and Hair Brush!

Seriously, this is a real thing, people. Use this like a regular straightener, or use it as a curling iron, or use it as a hairbrush. No need to jam up your drawers and cabinets with multiple hair care tools – just whip out this baby and get to work!

I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with this iron and also how surprised I am that no one thought of this before. I mean, I’m no inventor but you’d think one of those geniuses out there would have come up with something like this before now. Oh well, let’s just be happy we have it now, right?

The Straight Truth

The straightener itself is 1-inch wide, which makes it a little small for some people with long, thick hair (it would take FOREVER to straighten that mess with this little cupcake) but it’s great for most people. Whether your hair is short or long, if it’s of fine or medium thickness you will be satisfied by this straightener’s performance.

The wonderful thing about a 1-inch wide flat iron, though, is that it can also be used as a curling iron. Just twist your wrist as you run the iron along your hair and see the billowing beauties of curls left behind. Depending on how tight your twists are, you can create tight curls or loose ones.

Lock in Your Curls

Don’t want to hold it closed as you twist it for curls? I get it, a lot of people have difficulties managing this and accidentally let go while they are twisting. The cool thing about this straightener is that you can lock it closed and twirl it around in your fingers as much as necessary.

Brush the Frizz Away

Use the handy locking mechanism to keep this iron closed and take advantage of the round hairbrush created by the bristles on the outside. You can use this in a normal way when your iron is cold or you can heat it up. When the iron is on as you use the hairbrush you can take away some of the frizzies without totally straightening your hair. Leave all your volume and just get rid of the crimpy curls.

xtava Hotness 3-in-1 settings

Temperature ranges for different hair types

All Set for Your Hair

Some irons allow you to select literally any temperature within a given range – this one isn’t quite that advanced, but it is better than all those typical ones which allow you to select only low and high settings. This one has 4 temperature settings – low, medium low, medium high, and high (that’s not what they’re called but that’s how it makes sense). Just pick whichever one is right for your hair type.

If your hair is thin and delicate, choose the lowest option – 300 degrees Fahrenheit. People with medium-thick dry hair or healthy thin hair can bump it up a level to 340 degrees. You’ll have to have healthy, medium-thick hair to take it up a notch to 380 degrees. The top setting of 410 degrees Fahrenheit is reserved for people with very thick hair.

Can’t Lose with Ceramic and Tourmaline

You might notice that the straighteners I get the most excited about on this site are the ones made with ceramic and tourmaline plates. That’s because these plates take two excellent materials, mate them, and produce out-of-this-world irons.

The ceramic centers of these plates don’t heat as quickly as some other types of plates (like titanium), but they heat very evenly and hold heat for an incredibly long time. This means that this straightener doesn’t require as much power to keep it warm. The tourmaline coating fitted around the ceramic cores takes smoothness one step further than ever before. You may have heard about how wonderfully silky smooth people’s hair is after using a ceramic iron. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Tourmaline is an even smoother, gentler surface, which creates even smoother, silkier, shinier hair.

Ready, Set, Awesome

Ready to get your awesome on? Ready to turn heads with your glamorous locks? Ready to clear out space in your bathroom or bedroom by replacing multiple other tools with just this one? Swing over to Amazon to get a closer look at this 3-in-1 sensation.