VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron Review


Ah, volumization… now that’s something I’ve never had to worry about. All you ladies out there with limp, thin hair, on the other hand, are probably sick to death of trying shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, and more – all claiming to give you this little bit of oomph you’ve been dying for.

Well, forget about spending endless hours primping and poofing. Forget about trying disappointing shampoo after disappointing shampoo. Stop wasting money on products that don’t work and were never going to work. Pick up one of these bad boys and take control into the palm of your hand.

What’s the secret? The VOLOOM’s special, patented plates are beveled. What?! OK, that probably doesn’t mean much to most people so allow me to explain. In just one glance you can see that there’s something different about these plates. They have some parts that are flat and some that are raised in a sort of checkerboard pattern. This is the beveling.

So what does the beveling do? It forces space between small chunks of hair as you straighten it. It gives you all the volume of a crimper without giving you a hideous 1980s throw-back appearance. Since the bevels are themselves flat, they just make the space between the chunks of hair but don’t actually leave designs in your hair.

It’s Not a Crimper… But it Can Act like One

A lot of people see this thing and think it’s a crimper. It’s not. Yes, it can leave weird designs on your hair if you use it wrong, but as long as you use it correctly it is just an amazing volumizing hair straightener. And how do you use it correctly? Just use it as if it were a regular hair straightener!

Want to do something funky for a date? Instead of running this straightener down your hair in a swift motion, hold it in place for a moment then do the same on every other little square of your hair.

It’s Not Ironic That It’s Ionic

The people at VOLOOM aren’t kidding around here. They are actually trying to give you a great high-quality straightener. They aren’t relying on the volumization portion of this straightener to impress you. No way. They actually went ahead and created a very impressive straightener that is built to rival the best of those made for us medium- to thick-haired folks.

One major way they made it so competitive is that they built it with ionic technology. By infusing your hair with negative ions to combat any positive ions, it manages to volumize without frizzifying. In fact, it reduces frizz and the associated static you may experience (Woo hoo – fewer doorknob shocks!)

The Quick and Smooth of It

Want a nice smooth, shiny finish to your hair but hate the way that ceramic takes forever to heat up? Don’t have time to wait around painting your nails while your ceramic heater actually gets warm enough to use? No worries. This is a “best of both worlds” type of straightener.

It has that exquisite (albeit somewhat delicate) ceramic coating we all love AND it will heat up quickly. I know, that doesn’t seem possible. But it is! A special PTC heater has been built into this bad boy so that it will heat twice as fast (if not more) than any other regular ceramic straightener. Plus, to add to the greatness of this thing, the ceramic holds heat for a good long time so you don’t have to continually draw power to keep it going. Instead, it’ll just draw bursts of power. This means you can even unplug it briefly for someone else to use the outlet.