VAV Professional Straightener with Floating Plate

Ceramic Quality, Through and Through

This straightener’s plates are fully ceramic. No coatings here! These aren’t some metal plates with a ceramic coating (which wouldn’t be as useful) or ceramic plates with tourmaline coating (which many argue might be better).

So, what’s the hype about the ceramic plates?
I remember when I got my first ceramic flat iron – it was like an entirely new world had opened up to me. Now I could not only tame the curliness and poofiness of my hair, I could actually get that sleek shine all the straight-haired girls had! This ceramic straightener will do that for you, too!

The smooth surface of the ceramic and the way that it holds heat helps it move along your hair without causing extra friction the way that many old-school metal plates do. It IS a porous material, though, which means that it won’t give you quite as smooth of a finish as its tourmaline counterparts. It is a heck of a lot cheaper, though.

An Energy Saver

Ceramic plates are known for holding heat well. They may take a little longer to get hot, so you might want to plug your iron in, turn it on, and do your brows while you wait. Nonetheless, once it gets all revved up and ready to go you will find that it doesn’t draw as much electricity in order to keep itself going. The plates just stay hot for a long time. If you are very environmentally conscious, this is definitely something to consider.

Making Up the Difference with Advanced Technology

Despite all the wonderful things about ceramic straighteners, some people just can’t put up with the extra time they take to get warm. I mean, we are getting much more impatient as this world starts moving at a faster and faster pace. Nobody has ten minutes to stand around waiting for a flat iron to get warm.

VAV took that into consideration; instead of creating this iron like any other ceramic flat iron they put in a special PTC heater. Unlike traditional flat iron heaters, this one heats at ultra speed, allowing you to start straightening your hair only 30 seconds after turning it on!

Floating Plates Mean Less Pulls

One of my biggest pet peeves when I first started straightening my hair was the fact that little bits of hair kept getting caught in my old-school (I won’t tell you HOW old) flat iron. They’d somehow weave their way around the plates and, as I moved the iron along, it would pull them out of my head one by one. That won’t happen with this flat iron, though. Thanks to its 3D “floating” plates your hair will be kept away from the encasement and any possible little areas it could slip into.

VAV Professional temperatures

Wide range of temperatures

Any Temperature Your Heart Desires

OK, maybe not any temperature – you can’t choose, like, 2 degrees. But you can choose any temperature between 284 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit! What does that mean? That means that regardless of your hair type (thick, thin, curly, straight, frizzy, wavy, etc.) there is a heat setting for you.

What’s even better is that these heat settings aren’t just “Setting 1; Setting 2; Setting 3” like you see on many other hair straighteners. Nope. Instead, you get to select any temperature you want. Want to set it to 334 degrees? Go for it. Want to set it at 291? You can! Just use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the heat level and watch the temperature setting change on the digital display.

Not a Cutting Edge Design, But Still A Great Choice

For what it does, how it does it, and the fact that it makes up for the ceramic’s slow heating time with a special heating system, this is really a great straightener. Not ready to pay the price for tourmaline or just don’t want to let go of your love of ceramic? Check this baby out on Amazon and make it yours.