Turboion Croc Classic Straightener Review

The Best Straightener Or Is It All A Croc?

One of the things I dislike most about my irons is they can get really uncomfortable to hold. It’s not much of a problem with my hair since it’s very quick to straighten, but one day I decided to straighten my friend’s mega curly hair, and I thought my hand was going to fall off by the time I’d finished. I imagine it’s probably difficult to add comfort features to a flat iron because there are so many wires going through the body but, man it would be nice.

The comfort factor is actually what drew my eye to the Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener. The shape on this one is totally different to any I have seen before. It is actually thinner at the base than the top which means the area you hold is smaller. For my small hands and relatively wimpy grip, this really helps.

More Plate For Your Money

The 1.5 inch plates are not my favorite, but the casing on this iron is so slim it might still work. There aren’t options for size in this iron, so if you have short hair and need a thinner iron you’ll have to try another model. Overall though, the thin body does make up for the size of the plates.

Several Kinds Of Comfort

I have pointed out (more than a few times) that I am the clumsiest person in the world. For that reason, I try to be really careful with things I can burn myself on. The shape of this iron makes it so the heating elements are kept farther away from your hand than a lot of other irons, and that means less chance of ending up with a burn.

NOT Heavy Metal

This is not a heavy iron despite the metal plates and unique body shape. The titanium plates keep hair smooth, and they don’t chip like ceramic plates can. Lightweight is better if you have tiny hands like mine.

Not Shaped For Curls

If you use a straightening iron for curls like I do, you don’t be as pleased with this one. The plates are wider than the rest of the iron, so they’re a little too big to get the curls that you’re looking for (unless you have really, really long hair). However, if you only intend to straighten you’ll probably be fine with the larger plates.

Memory Matters

One of the cool things this iron does is even though it has a digital temperature setting, it keeps the old setting on the iron so you don’t have to change it every day. Setting the temperature isn’t a huge deal, but I have forgotten to do it on a few occasions and ended up straightening at the wrong temperature for a while which isn’t great news for the health of your hair.

Hot Heat Here

There is almost NO waiting for this baby to get hot. Turn it on and a few minutes later, it’s ready for all of the heat in the world. I don’t have to cut my sleep short by even five minutes if I have an iron that heats up quickly, and that is most certainly a plus for Croc.

Coarse Hair Will Love Croc

The combination of consistent heat and the titanium plates makes a huge difference for thicker or coarse hair. If you have hair that’s difficult to straighten, you will probably be more than pleased with what this flat iron has to offer. It gets hot enough, is smooth enough, and it will save you repetitive straightening so get the finish you want.


I appreciate the ease of use for my tiny lady hands, and plenty of people rave about how well this iron straightens. Plus, the shine it produces cannot be beaten. If you want to try it out, and you’re ready to get the killer straighten, mosey on over to Amazon and drop it in your cart.