Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

An Iron With The Right Amount of Ions

To me, it seems that a flat iron should be pretty simple technology. In simple terms, I have two things that get hot and press together so my hair looks like something other than a totally frizzled mess. The more I look into them however, the more I learn about different quirks and parts of the operation that need specially updated hardware and wiring. Basically, it’s not just heat. There’s heat with negative ionic charges, floating plates to grip the hair tighter and the special attachment that makes you coffee.
Ok. I made that last part up, but you get the point.

Anyway, every time I think I’ve seen everything that straightening irons have to offer I read something new, and I’m back to wondering how much better that would be than the maxed out technology I already have.

It Does What?

The Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron throws another thing at me to consider in my discussion of which is the best iron. This time, I’ve never even heard of it.

This flat iron boats a “Dynamic Alignment System” so the plates get closer together and makes sure they’re always working in the same place. The technology is designed to ensure you’re getting the right grip on your hair so you don’t have to keep going over and over it (something I know can cause untold damage).

Get Your Ions Right Here

The Solia Flat Iron uses negative ion technology that a lot of irons make use of, and the combination of the ceramic plates and ions keep your hair smooth and moisturized for the entire day. I have used an iron without negative ion technology, and I have used one with. I can definitely tell the difference because my hair is prone to frizzing. Irons that don’t have the right amount of heat or don’t have negative ion technology tend not to stop my hair from frizzing. If I use an iron that does, I can spend as much time as I want in the humidity and my mane stays the same.

Girls, It’s Pretty!

Solia Colors

Solia color options

I am a sucker for bright colors, and I will pay more for things just to get them in a pretty color. My husband isn’t entirely onboard for that practice, but I think he’s used to it by now.

Anyway, bright colors are better than boring colors, so the fact this iron comes in different color options is pretty stellar. You can get it in black, bright blue, hot pink or bright purple. All of the colors are really pretty, and they add something a little different even if it doesn’t change the functionality.

An Iron That Will Actually Last?

The thing that has me most interested in this straightener is there are a lot of people who have had it for five or more years, and it’s still working well. I have never had an iron that lasted that long and worked as well as the day I got it. A flat iron that doesn’t have heat or wiring issues after a couple of years use is a big deal. You have my attention Solia!

Priced Right For Its Might

This flat iron runs to about $80 which is not a bad price for a straightener that lasts. If you consider that you may be using the same piece of equipment for 5 years, you’re only paying about $16 a year which is nothing for a good iron.

You get two different sizes that can be used for similar or different purposes. It comes in a 1.25 and 1.75 inch size. The smaller size is always better for curling and styling while the larger size is better if you have long or very thick hair that takes extra time to straighten.

What’s Wrong With Solia?

For the most part people seem to be pretty happy with Solia. I’m intrigued by the idea of it lasting years, plus I like the colors they use and the fact there are colors inside the iron as well as on the body.

If you’re with me and want to give this ceramic flat iron a shot, you can scoot on over to Amazon and buy the 1.25 inch here or the 1.75 inch here.