Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 Iron Review

Get Your Hair Straight Without Setting Your Head On Fire, Cool Right?!

I assume we have made big enough strides in straightener technology so there isn’t that much more we can do with the basic structure of them. Now, the industry has moved on to other things that can improve features beyond just temperature and primary material. When I see straighteners with fancy names on the box, I liken them to the names meteorologists give their so-called new and improved weather tracking systems. Basically, it makes them look like the FLAT IRON DOPPLER MEGA 9000!

So when I saw that the Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron had a coating on the plates called Sol-Gel Plate Technology, it instantly alerted my sensors. What is this so-called high quality coating supposed to do that my older straighteners do not? And will it tell me when it’s going to rain and if I need a coat today?

Gel Considerations

The Sol-Gel coating makes it easier to pull the straightener through your hair. Basically, it helps to organize the hair better on the plates and gives it a smooth pull through your mane. I’ve never had a problem though with my hair getting too, uh, disorganized when I’m trying to straighten it because as long as I use small bunches, it does it on its own.

Good For All Hair Textures

This flat iron claims to do things a lot of other straighteners will never get to say. While many irons do well with different hair textures, it can be difficult for African American people with thick hair to find a flat iron that will not only straighten but keep the hair straight and soft. This one does a stellar job at dealing with this problem. Those are some pretty impressive credentials for an iron, and that takes the cake for the highest quality endorsement yet!

While the low end of the temperature range on this iron doesn’t actually get that low, the high end does. You can only get down to 280 degrees for those who need less heat, but people with textures that require everything you can give them will do very well on the 450 degree setting.

Size Options For All Locks

There are two options for size, and they differ depending on the kind of straighten you want. I always suggest using the smallest iron if you plan on curling or trying to do any special tricks with it. If you just need straightening and maybe a little wave, you can go with the bigger iron. Choose between the 1 Inch RSK686 and the 1.25 inch RSK732 depending on what you want.

Rusk Str8 Iron Heat Settings

Rusk heat settings display

Spend A Little More and Save Money

One of the best recommendations I’ve found is that while this iron is a little more expensive, it is actually saving people money in the long run. Once you start using it, your hair eventually has that salon-kept look. This means you can pocket the money you would have spent trying to get a specific look at the salon. Plus, this iron is less likely to fry your hair so you don’t need a trim all the time. Your ends will thank you for using this product!

The Heat Will Stay On… Forever

I’m feeling like a broken record here, but I need an automatic shut off on my iron. Without it, I risk burning my house down or, at very least damaging whatever surface I leave it on. I have found ways around this like stands etc, but I always worry about those melting if I forget to turn the iron off. I have images in my head of having to clean up a pool of plastic that has also melted to the countertop because of my forgetfulness. As much as this iron boasts some pretty impressive skills, I need an auto-off timer for it to be my perfect pick.

Short Locks Should Probably Look Elsewhere

Because of the way the iron is shaped, it probably isn’t good for small passes. If you have short hair, you may not fare as well with this kind of iron. Short hair means the iron will spend more time near your face, and the shape of it can burn easier than other irons.

Wonderful When It Works

Unfortunately, in a manner that is reminiscent of a lot of irons we see on the market, these can just stop working at some point. There are only a VERY small percentage of them that do this, but there is definitely a run of these that seem to just stop working. I’m not sure what it is about flat irons that make this so common, but a lot of brands have this problem so this one isn’t alone.

Not a Bad Option at a Pretty Good Price

I run into the same issue with this iron I have had with a lot of them. It doesn’t have the auto-off feature that my forgetful brain really needs. Without it, I’m going to do some major damage some day. That being said, the rest of the options are great for the price, and I think it’s second-to-none for thick or coarse hair.