Remington S9500PP Flat Iron Review

One of the Few Hair Straighteners with Pearl Ceramic Technology

The Remington brand may be best known for razors, but you’re sure to love its S9500PP flat iron with integrated pearl ceramic technology! When I saw the low price of this styling tool (it comes in at under $30), I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting too much bang for my buck. After all, how good can such an affordable tool be? Yet I wasn’t disappointed with the value this model offered, and I did find that it could rival some of its more costly competitors on several fronts.

Real Pearls in Every Plate!

One of the more bizarre claims that the Remington brand makes about this styling tool is that it uses crushed pearls, which are infused into the 1-inch ceramic plates to ensure a smooth glide through the hair. Although that does sound a little odd, I found that this flat iron did move very smoothly through my somewhat troublesome locks, so maybe there’s something to those crushed pearls!

The manufacturer promises that the ionic heat will be evenly distributed through the plate to cut down on damage and frizz and leave the hair smooth and silky. I did find that I had no unwanted flyaway strands after using this straightener.

Super Simple to Use

This model is capable of heating up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 seconds. While this isn’t as speedy as some of its rivals, for its low price tag I think that this heat-up time is fairly hard to beat. Of course, you don’t have to push it to the max – there are adjustable controls so you can alter the temperature to suit your own hair type. If you have fine hair like I do and need a lower temperature to achieve the results you desire, you won’t have any difficulty setting this to the best option for you. The lowest temperature is 300, which is just perfect for people like me who don’t want to fry their hair on a daily basis!

It also sports an easy-to-read control panel and digital display for even greater ease of use. Like many other similar products, this iron has one-inch ceramic floating plates that offer good styling control and glide effortlessly through the hair.

Safety as Standard

Have you ever accidentally burned yourself on your flat iron? I know that I have and, boy, does it hurt! This model tries to eliminate the problem of accidents or damage by having an integrated temperature lock and automatic shut-off function so you won’t accidentally forget that you’ve left your styler switched on while you head off to work. After 60 minutes without being used, it’ll turn itself off automatically, so you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Surprisingly Stylish Design

For such a low price tag, I wasn’t expecting too much in terms of style, but in fact I was very pleased with the good looks of this flat iton. It certainly has the appearance of a much more expensive accessory, with its sleek lines and curved edges for a nice smooth glide. It also has a swivel cord, which isn’t often found with devices at this price point, so that was a nice touch. The black and silver color scheme makes this model look more expensive than it actually is, and its controls are nicely placed on the side so that they’re easy to access without being in the way. The digital display adds another stylish element to its body.

Easy Handling

One of the best things about this styling tool is how easy it is to handle. We’ve all used flat irons which look great but feel heavy in your hand, or which are actually quite chunky and bulky when you slide them through your hair. There’s none of that with this model – it feels nicely lightweight yet solidly durable, and moves easily through the hair without snagging or feeling too chunky for you to really get a good grip on all the strands.

A Great Affordable Choice

While this may not be the best choice for your full-time straightener, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a cheap second model to keep at a friend or family member’s house, or for your pre-teen or teenage daughter to use as their first set of flat irons. Another good use for this styling tool is if you’re traveling and don’t want to risk taking your expensive flat iron with you.

One thing to note about that, though, is that if you’re going overseas you’re not going to be able to use this straightener – it isn’t dual voltage so you’ll end up shorting the fuse if you try to use it abroad. Bear that in mind before you buy! Apart from that small issue, this is a really affordable choice for anyone.