Remington S5500 Digital Hair Straightener Review

Hair Straightening… To A Point

Okay its confession time, I have a bunch of hair straighteners. By a bunch, I mean enough to fill a box every time we move. I have them for a lot of reasons, and I keep them in all sizes for different purposes. It might be a sickness. In fact, if you ask my husband he’ll tell you it is. What can I say? Some girls love shoes, I love straighteners!

Anyway, I need a new straightener (believe it or not) to take with me when I travel because I refuse to take one of my expensive models with me. For this reason, I’m looking at travel straighteners under the $40 range mainly because I’m pretty forgetful. It has been said that I would leave my head (full of newly straightened hair of course) behind if it wasn’t attached to my body!

Inexpensive Options

The Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static 1 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener has a lot of different things going for it including the price. At around $20, it’s almost cheap enough to try even if it doesn’t work.

This hair straightener comes in two different sizes: 1 and 1.75 inch. The two sizes are good for different reasons, and most people are happy enough with the 1 inch version. If you have very long or coarse hair, you may be better off with the larger version of this straightener.

Float for a Reason

The Remington has floating plates which makes it easier to maneuver when you’re using it. They don’t catch hair as much, and they heat up more consistently and shouldn’t have hot spots. The floating plates also heat up within 30 seconds, which is really fast when you consider it gets up to 410 degrees.

Shuts-off On it’s Own

My husband would be really happy with this iron because it has the auto shut off he insists I have on all the irons I buy. He catches me forgetting to turn the iron off, and then almost burns himself when he goes into the bathroom. Obviously, that’s not good and I should be way better at remembering to turn it off, but my forgetfulness prevails a lot of the time.

Warranty for Wear

The thing I like most about this straightener is it has a 2-year warranty. Even though the item is low cost, it’s backed up by the manufacturer which means they support their product enough to offer staying power.

Not Exactly Floating but Love the Color!

Unfortunately, the floating plates that are supposed to make it easier to push your hair through the iron don’t work as well as they say. In fact, there is only one floating plate and the other one is fixed. Floating plates work well together because they are able to flex, ensuring they meet when clamping the hair, (unlike fixed plates that can’t get any closer together than they already are.

Another less important but still fantastic part of the S5500 is its purple! Purple is my favorite color, and most of the irons I’ve had in the past have been a totally boring black.

Digital Details

Remington S5500 digital Readout

Beautiful purple, with digital readout

The digital readout on the front is a good way to tell not only how hot the iron is, but also if it’s still on when it shouldn’t be.
Personally, I think it’s easier to pick an exact temperature to heat the straightener to when you have a digital readout to set it with.

DON’T Burn Baby Burn

If you’re not big on the smell of burning substances, this model probably won’t suit you. For some reason, the iron lets off a burning smell when it’s heating up, but there isn’t anything there to be burned. I find this a little concerning when you’re going to be put it on your hair. That being said, many users have reported it doesn’t last forever so maybe it’s something to do with a “new” heat smell?

Temperature Control Don’t Expect It Low

If you have hair that’s super sensitive to heat and need a straightener that has the option for really low temperatures, again this might not be the one for you. The reason for this is the lowest setting I can see is 310 degrees. What I will say is if you have “sturdy” hair that’s a shorter style this model will more than likely work for you.

It Has Its Problems But….

While I would really love this awesome, purple color to be the option that makes my travel days easier, it probably won’t be the case. I’m not sure if this is the right one to add to my collection because of the strange smells and the fact it only has one floating plate. However, I’m sure there are people with much shorter hair than mine who will do very well with an option like this.