Nition 5-in-1 Hair Straightener Review

A 5-in-1 Hair Straightener for Silky Smooth Hair

Before I tried these straighteners, I have to confess that I’d never heard of the NITION brand before. However, I was pretty impressed by their product claims. The manufacturer promises that this isn’t just a 2-in-1 straightener and curler, but rather a comprehensive healthy styling tool that guarantees innovative and healthy styling. Well, who doesn’t love the sound of that? I had to give it a go, and actually, I wasn’t disappointed!

What Is 5-in-1 Technology?

The 5-in-1 technology that NITION refers to is its innovative heating plate, which has no less than five different elements infused into it. That includes nano silver, ceramic, argan oil, titanium, and tourmaline.

Now, most straighteners these days have at least one and sometimes two of those elements in its plates, but you’ll be hard pressed to find another brand that blends five together. The reason for using all five elements is that they have all been proven to offer distinct benefits to the hair, helping to lock in its natural moisture while leaving it shiny, smooth, soft, and, above all, healthy.

The two less-well-known elements used in this flat iron are nano silver ion and argan oil, although you’ve probably seen argan oil hair products for sale. This type of oil is known for restoring hair’s natural moisture, leaving your locks slick and soft. It also guards against frizz and split ends while repairing damage to the follicles and adding resistance to UV rays. Nano silver ion is another material which is proven to be good for repairing damaged hair.

Ceramic-coated plates are something that is often found on flat irons and which reduces the tugging and pulling that can cause hair damage and breakage. It also helps the plates to heat quickly and have even heat distribution. Meanwhile, the tourmaline emits negative ions, which reduce the chance of static electricity build-up. As an added benefit, it releases far infrared light, which helps in speedy heating and effective heat distribution.

A Minimalist Design

Although design isn’t necessarily the most important thing to consider when choosing a flat iron, it certainly matters and this NITION straightener won’t disappoint in this area. It offers a one-step design with no buttons on its body. That means it’s really simple to use and there’s no chance of accidentally altering temperature settings during use. All you have to do is revolve the end of the flat iron. Turn it clockwise to switch it on and select the best heat for you, then rotate it counter-clockwise if you want to reduce the temperature or switch the device off – easy! Temperatures can be selected between 265 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit so you can easily select the best one to suit your hair type.

Great for Use Around the World

Unlike some of its rival products, this flat iron is suitable for use with any type of voltage thanks to its universal compatibility. It also comes with its own pouch bag for traveling, so you can take it anywhere and keep your hair looking great no matter where you go.

Fast and Versatile

Due to the uniform heating and thermal conductivity brought out by the MCH technology in this device, it takes just 10 seconds to heat this up to the right temperature for use. Of course, you can use this styler for both straightening and for curling, which gives you flexibility in styles.

There is also a C-Sensor built in that automatically detects the temperature of the styler thirty times every second to ensure the entire plate is heating properly. The heating plate is extra long at 4.1 inches, which gives 10% more contact area than a standard flat iron. That speeds up your hairstyling regime.

This product also comes with a heat-resistant glove, a salon comb, and two salon clips, as well as a 9 foot-long, 360-degree swivel power cord, a hanging hook, and Velcro straps – making this a great value product. Even better, there is a two-year warranty from the manufacturer on this product, so you’re sure to be completely satisfied with your purchase. This is also a pretty affordable styling tool, you’re getting a lot for your money!