KIPOZI Professional Wide Plate Titanium Flat Iron

Worth Its Weight in Gold

Well, maybe not for everyone, but those of us with thick hair will agree that a nice wide-plated iron like this one is hard to come by and certainly valuable. Of course, I didn’t just give it this title because of its value, but also because of its color. This thing is GLAM. Check out how prestigious it looks with its black and gold encasement and bold black titanium plates.

1.75 Inches for You Thick-Haired Ladies

Well, I should say “we thick haired ladies” because I’m definitely in that group. If you’ve been straightening your hair for a while you probably remember a time when, all of a sudden, there were only 1-inch straighteners on the shelves. I remember walking into the beauty department of a local store and literally throwing my hands up in their air at the atrocity.

Those of us with thick hair need a little extra love! We need extra inches, for starters. Look, thick hair takes long enough to straighten, since we need to section off our hair much more than the thin-haired folks. We don’t need a tiny little 1-inch straightener that we have to pull ever-so-slowly along our hair. (Talk about dead arms – all the blood rushes out before we get a chance to move down along one strip of hair).

OK, enough of my complaining. I mean all these complaints as a way to set up for my HOORAY moment – this awesome straightener is a wondrous 1.75 inches wide! It will apply heat for longer because it covers more square inches!

Ooo – A Fancy Heater!

Say it with me now: Nano-Titanium Floating Heater. Sounds like gibberish, I’m sure. Let’s break it down quickly. Nano – this means that it makes ions; lovely, lovely negative ions. And what do those do? They take away all that annoying frizz. They calm your hair and reduce the static that leads to frizziness in the first place.

Titanium – well, this is actually about the plates, not the heater, but we’ll give Kipozi a break on their advertising. Maybe it was a rough day in the marketing department. Anyways, the titanium plates are very durable; more durable than ceramic ones, that’s for sure. They also heat very quickly, which means you won’t have to wait around tapping your toes while the iron prepares to work its magic.

Floating heater – yeah, again this is about the plates. To me, a heater and plates are two different things. The heater is what converts the electricity into heat, which then heats up the plates. But, again, who knows what was going on over Kipozi’s marketing department. One thing I can say for certain is that you can’t judge this iron based on the marketing department’s ability to do its job. The design and manufacturing departments were clearly on the ball. OK, so the floating “heater” is really a set of floating plates. Floating just means elevated, which in this case means that they are set up and away from the outer encasement. That means they won’t trap little strands of hair.

xtava Hotness 3-in-1 settings

Impressive Temperature Features

A Huge Range Of Hair Types and Temperatures

This is best for people with thick hair or people with long hair who just need to power through their straightening so they aren’t in the bathroom for hours on end. But I also wanna’ point out that its useful for pretty much anyone. Yes, it has one specific target market, but weren’t we taught to share?

Share with a friend, your sister, your sister-in-law, your neighbor, or your long-haired cat (careful of the claws). This iron has a huge temperature range (one of the biggest I’ve seen). It starts at 170 degrees Fahrenheit and works its way all the way up to 450 degrees. This means that anyone can use it, really. People with thin hair, thick hair, medium hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, coarse hair – any hair.

Over 8 Feet of Roaming Space

Need to get out of the way for other people to get into the bathroom while you straighten your hair? Just like to dance around as you do your hair? Don’t worry, you will never be constrained with over 8 feet of cord to work with. Heck, you can probably even wander into another room while you’re using this straightener.

Feel like wandering around with this beautiful black and gold beauty in your hand, straightening out thick hair in half the time of a 1-inch iron? Check it out on Amazon and bring one home today!