Kipozi Pro 1 Inch Titanium Flat Iron

Never a Pull in the Wrong Direction

If you’re like me you’ve probably gotten your hair stuck in your straightener on more than one occasion. But not “stuck” as in a whole lot of hair trapped inside of something (I’ve had THIS happen with special curling devices before). Instead, your hair straightener has caught just one or two of your hairs inside a little crack or space around the actual straightening plates. And then comes the pulling. The tear-jerking, way-more-painful-than-it-needs-to-be feeling of having to rip those two tiny little hairs out of your head with your straightener. And hopefully you haven’t already done your makeup at that point, ’cause if you have, it’s now streaming down your face.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the relief already? Get ready to feel even more when I tell you that the KIPOZI Pro will never make you experience such terrible and unpredictable pain, thanks to its 3D design. The plates are raised up from the outer casing so that your hair will never get stuck in a nook or cranny again.

Seriously Silky Smooth

You’re asking, “Seriously, Jules?” Yes, SERIOUSLY. I don’t use that word if I don’t mean it, and this time I mean it. The smoothness you’ll get from working with this straightener is seriously silky smooth. It’s the combination of titanium and ceramic that gives you this wonderful effect. Titanium is, by far, my favorite coating that has ever been placed on a flat iron’s plates. It gives you an even silkier, smoother finish than ceramic, thanks to its non-porous surface.

Keeps the Electric Bill Low

Yes, the plates are coated with titanium and that makes them fantastic at smoothing out even the frizziest of out-of-control frizzy hair, BUT the secret to your electric bill lies beneath that coating. It is in the ceramic plates which have been wrapped in titanium. Since ceramic holds heat for much longer than any of the other materials people use to built flat iron plates, you can rest assured that it will hold heat the longest.

What does this mean to your electric bill? Have you ever noticed that the “heating” light comes on and goes off multiple times as you’re using your straightener? Instead of supplying a steady stream of low-level heat to the plates, the system sends pulses of high heat to get them up to your desired temperature, then stops sending heat until they begin to cool off too much. Common sense tells us that the longer the plates hold heat the less often the iron will need to draw power.

Get Your Curl On

I already have curly hair but not in a fun way – in a frizzy way. So, to get a nice soft curl I have to straighten and then curl, if I go the traditional curling iron route. Why waste time with all that when I can just use a straightener to curl and remove frizz all in one step? Just twist your wrist as you use this iron to create a curl. The tighter you twist, the tighter the curl. This isn’t possible with all straighteners, but since this one only has 1-inch wide plates, the curls you create can actually be ringlet-tight.

Don’t Even Brush Your Teeth First

Forget about finding something to do to fill the time while you wait for your iron to heat up. Forget about trying to keep a sly eye on it as it heats in the bathroom in case your children suddenly rush in as you leave (if you have kids, that is). This baby only takes about 30 seconds to go from stone cold to blazing hot. You won’t even have time to stop and brush your teeth… just plug it in, turn it on, and GO!

Kipozi Pro safety lock

Kipozi’s Safety Lock

Keeping Safety on “Lock”

We already talked about how the fast heating time is great for moms (and dads) who don’t want their kids rushing into the bathroom and getting burned, as the parent quickly dashes out of the room while the iron heats. Something else that makes this model a great option for parents is the locking system. Even if you leave this lovely iron plugged in for quick convenience you can engage the locking system to stop little fingers from turning it on when you’re not around!

Ain’t She Beautiful?

I’m not quite sure why, but I often refer to hair straighteners as “he.” You’ve probably read a review or two here where I’m talking about “taking this bad boy home.” Though I’m in no way bound to gender stereotypes, something about the beautiful rose pink encasement tells me it’s a she.

Not only is the soft pink encasement beautiful, this iron will help you feel more beautiful as it delivers quality straightening with a silky shine over and over again. I haven’t used it myself, but every user whose feedback I’ve read says that it stands up to all the hype I’m throwing around here regarding its tourmaline and ceramic and 3D awesomeness.

If you’re as impressed as I am with this iron, head on over to Amazon and check it out now. If you love this one but it’s just a little too narrow for your needs, jump on over to my review of the 1.75-Inch KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron – a very comparable but much wider option.