Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron Review

Straight And Shine With Titanium Style. I Can’t Complain.

My husband said I am a hair straightening addict. Okay, he might not think it’s that severe, but he does say I have way more knowledge of straightening tools than any human being should have. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know I can tell if I’m going to like an iron just by holding it. I mean, everyone has to have skills right? This just happens to be one of mine.

Halo Problems

Anyway, there is one thing I hate about certain irons, and that is if you hold it on a clump of hair without moving it for even a second too long, it puts a crimp in your hair that can be difficult to iron out once it’s there. If it only happens one time or in a small area, it’s not a huge deal, but it can be annoying if it keeps popping up.

This is important because there are some irons with plastic enclosures that are bigger than the plates, and this means it’s harder to get the iron close to your scalp at the top of your head. If it’s not close enough, you get a small line around the crown of your head that looks like a weird crimp-y halo. My first iron did it, and gave me a teeny circular poof that looked all funky (and not in a good way).

Skip The Crowns And Get Straight Hair

Since then, I have made sure all the irons I buy have plates big enough so there won’t be a big piece of plastic between my scalp and the plate. I like to keep my angelic side internal, so no halos for me! The Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450 has plates that extend the whole width of the iron. They are also extra long so you don’t have to take as many passes on your hair to get it straight, and they are made of titanium so they provide a long-lasting straighten.

The Ktx450 has an interesting feature on the exterior of the iron that I didn’t know you need, but I can understand how it helps. It has a warp free construction, which means it won’t change shape or get damaged if it should get hotter than it’s supposed to.

Heat Heat Hot

You can get heat up to 450 degrees on this iron which is a pretty big deal for most hair types. The titanium plates help you avoid hot spots, so you’re able to get a consistent “straighten” without pieces that stay frizzy or curly because they don’t take the heat correctly. The temperature ranges mean it can adapt to just about any hair type, and the plate size is good enough to make sure it doesn’t take too long to get it all straightened out.

Finding The Right Temperature Fast, Fast, Fast

One of the things that I’m most pleased about is it has the ability to heat up quickly. I hate waiting for my iron to heat up in the morning. Even if it only takes 5 minutes, that’s 5 minutes I’m missing out on sleep. And I really, really like my sleep!

Floating Plates Float Through Hair

The floating plates on the Ktx450 are a huge deal when straightening your hair. They are part of the reason the iron moves so easily, and they save the stress of getting your hair caught in it. If you’ve ever pulled an iron through your hair and felt a clump rip out, you’ll know why this is a no go. This isn’t something you need to worry about with this bad boy, so you get to keep all your hair even when you’re putting heat to it.

Izunami Ktx450 packaging

Beautiful packaging, perfect for gifts!

Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

This iron doesn’t top the list at the highest price, but it is most certainly going to leave a dent in your wallet. As far as I’m concerned, what you get is totally worth it, but it probably shouldn’t be an impulse buy.

What worries me is that the Izunami Ktx450 only comes with the 1 year warranty when buying directly from Izunami or authorized distributors, but at less than half the price I would definitely take my chances at Amazon. There are very few (if any) negative customer reviews about it breaking down, and even if it would I could buy a second one and still be off cheaper than buying directly!

Straightener That Straightens Exactly Like It Should. What?

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked by a device that does the one thing it’s supposed to and does it well, but it is still kind of surprising. I really think the titanium plates on this make a difference and maintain heat a lot better than similar options. It is by no means cheap, but you get what you pay for with irons like this. This model has the style of an updated iron with the reputation of a beast.

Overall, I’m impressed. If you want to get straight hair without the wait, this flat iron is probably the tool for you.