ISA Professional Flat Iron Review

Is This The Super Straightener?

I really want to find a straightening iron that has as many features as possible. I’m talking about safety considerations, everything that makes hair shiny, every temperature range, auto shutoff and more. I have several different irons that all do something a little bit different, but none of them do everything. Currently, I’m stuck in a world where I keep thinking there has to be an iron that does everything without the possibility of burning my house down.

The ISA Professional Flat Iron makes a serious effort at fulfilling all my requirements and running off with the title. It has just about every fancy feature a hair straightener can have with the added bonus of being really fancy looking. Just on looks alone, I think it’s pretty great.

Lock Up Your Styles. Literally!

One of the coolest innovations this hair straightener has to offer is it has a lock for all the buttons that cover the front of the device. When you get it set to the right temperature, simply hit the lock and you won’t end up changing the heat while you’re using it. Basically, your hair won’t get accidentally “fried” because you hit a button while you’re rushing to get your hair done.

It also has pivoting plates that are even better than the floating plates many higher end irons have. They have somewhat more give and flexibility which allows for a higher level of grip than you get with floating plates.

All Ceramic. No Coats Here

The plates are solid ceramic as opposed to ceramic coated, so they will not only last longer but heat more evenly. As ceramic coated plates wear down, they are less likely to remain consistently hot, and the hot spots can make it so that some areas get straightened better than others. The tourmaline coating over the solid ceramic plates ensures consistent heat that lasts without burning your hair.

Try This Shape For Size

I really like this iron because it is shaped differently than a lot of others. The body has more of a cylindrical shape which makes it easier to use as something other than a straightener. The flat iron can be used to make curls and even waves by just repositioning it. I have tried to straighten with irons of different shapes before, and irons with square edges make blocky curls that don’t look at soft and girly.

Neon For A Rea-son

The buttons along the side of the iron include a digital read out that’s lit with a neon light behind so you can see what its doing. It gives you precise control of the temperature, and it has a huge range that will suit all hair textures and types. As long as your hair can stand heat between 175 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you should be good to go with this product.

Right Hand? Left Hand? Both?

One thing that makes me different from most of the population is I’m ambidextrous. This means I can use either hand without a problem. This iron is made to be used in both your right and left hand because of the location of the buttons as well as the swivel of the cord, and that makes it perfect for both left and right-handed people.

Straight And Backed Up

The flat iron has a 2 year warranty which I really like. I have had some irons that didn’t last two years, and some that lasted way longer than that. If I’m going to spend a lot of money on an iron, I want to know it’s going to last (or be backed up by a warranty if it doesn’t).

Button Drama?

ISA buttons

Nice but quirky button feature

The buttons on this flat iron are in a different place compared to similar irons, and for some people they will be right in the way of your hand when you’re holding it. While I think I could work with this, I can understand how that would get frustrating. The buttons lock so that they can’t get accidentally hit while you’re using them, but that doesn’t stop them from beeping.

Buttons Lock. Body Doesn’t.

One feature that it is missing is it doesn’t lock when it’s cooling down. Many irons have grips that slip in place on the sides once you’re done using it so the plates cannot hit anything while it’s cooling. This one doesn’t do that, so unless you buy a stand you have to be careful when you put it down.

Pivot May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up To Be

While the pivoting plates are supposed to offer something older style plates don’t, a lot of people are concerned with the fact they don’t grip quite as tight as other options. The theory behind plates that are somewhat flexible is they can get closer together when you’re doing your hair. If they can’t get close enough, then it isn’t going to help much.

Overall Great Features

Even though the this professional Flat Iron has all the features I want as well as a whole lot of others, I’m just not convinced about the effectiveness of it in order to spring the money. It’s not too expensive at around $100, but it certainly isn’t cheap. Even though it’s good for ambidextrous people, the beeping would probably get annoying if I were to hit the outside buttons. This one will require more thought (for me anyway).

However, if you think you like what this flat iron has to offer, there’s no reason not to bop on over to Amazon and make it yours.