Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

Will this Flat Iron Last for Infiniti?

My time examining different straightening irons has introduced me to a lot of brands, and I tend to go toward the more expensive end because I’m super-biased. The only time I really spend money on less expensive options is if I need an iron to take with me on a trip and don’t want to risk losing an expensive iron.

I was talking to my best friend the other day, and she has mega bouncy curls. I thought my hair was curly, and then I met her. In fact, her natural hair makes mine look like I’ve used a relaxer. Anyway, she told me she bought a really inexpensive iron that did an excellent job of getting through her curls. We video-chatted, and she was not kidding. I decided I needed to see for myself.

I opted to get more information about the Infiniti Pro by Conair Professional 1-1/2 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron because it has tourmaline coated plates, which are a huge improvement over the other alternatives but without the price tag.

Sizes for Infiniti

This hair straightener comes in three different sizes: 1, 1-1/4, and 1-1/3 inch. These are pretty standard sizes for straightening irons, and each of the different sizes is available in a different color. I tend to go with either the 1 or 1-1/4 inch options because my hair isn’t long enough to justify the massive plates, but my best friend probably needs the 1-1/3 inch option, or something even larger, to get through all her hair.

Tourmaline Gets HOT

Tourmaline plates are averse to hot spots, and if given enough time to heat up the iron should stay hot all over as long as it’s on. The Infiniti Pro can get up to 455 degrees for straightening, which is pretty high considering the price. If it can hold high heat consistently for that price, then it may need to be rebranded as a super iron!

Heats Up At The Speed Of Light.

If you’re like me and you have to beg for every extra minute in the morning, you need an iron that heats up quickly and stays that way. This one heats up within 15 seconds, which is insanely fast. Honestly, the older version of this iron heated completely in 20 seconds. I thought that was incredible when I first saw it; then I saw this updated version. I don’t know that I’ve ever had an iron that heats up that quickly, and I have had every kind of flat iron out there (or so it seems).

Super Long Plates

So it may not be a 2-inch wide straightener, which means you will have to move it a little slower down each chunk of hair. Some people with super-thick or super-long hair might think this thing is going to be uber annoying and take forever to use, but it won’t. Thanks to its extra-long plates you can actually place larger chunks of hair in it at a time, which means you are straightening more hair in a single sweep.

Floating Makes It Faster

The floating plates on the Infiniti Pro should make it easier for users to straighten their hair because the non-fixed plates are slightly more flexible and able to grip hair better.

However, I have come across complaints that the plates don’t float properly while straightening and, as you probably know, this is no fun at all. If you’ve never had a chunk of your hair ripped out with a vengeance, then you’re lucky. Older irons used to grab hair a lot, but the newer ones seem to avoid that. They’re most likely to do it when the floating plates don’t work correctly, and if they don’t… OUCH!

Maybe the problem only happened in a specific production batch, because most people are pretty happy with Infiniti Pro. There are a few who say it doesn’t work at all, which is disappointing. I had a straightener one time that had to be squeezed together with all the might in the world in order to get the plates to actually touch my hair. Needless to say, after a few attempts and a seriously exhausted hand, I gave up.

Extremes are EXTREME

If your hair is sensitive to temperature, this straightener may not be the right option for you. While it does have a huge range of temperatures, it has a tendency to get stuck on the higher ones. Since my hair can take a lot of heat this wouldn’t be a problem for me, but people like my mom who aren’t able to put more than a certain amount of heat on their hair could get into trouble.

Plenty of Options for the Price

This flat iron runs at less than $30, which is an excellent price for the quality. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be an everyday straightener, it probably can’t hurt to have one with you when going on a trip.

Overall, this straightener offers a lot of options for a small price. If you don’t spend much time straightening, or you would rather try an inexpensive option before jumping into big money, this ceramic flat iron is probably the option for you.