HSI Professional Flat Iron Review

A Flat Iron with Tourna-What?

I have probably owned 10 different hair straighteners in my life, varying from really inexpensive to very pricey. I have tried just about everything to get my super curly hair under control. The reason why I prefer my hair straight is because I can use much less product to get it to stay straight than if I left it curly, but I don’t want to use so much heat that I fry my hair in the process.

I have been on the hunt for another good straightener, but I can’t decide if I want to spring for something with professional capabilities or if I should get a consumer level iron with a little more power. I straighten my hair a lot, but I also like to try new things after a few years.
The only kind of iron I have yet to purchase is one with tourmaline plates, and I am really interested in testing one of these out.

All the Perks for a Pretty Incredible Price

The HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron has just about every bell and whistle you could want. It has tourmaline covered plates as well as the ionic power that smoothes hair out. Plus, it offers all of these special perks at the right price. Most professional irons run into more than $100, but this one runs at less than half that price!

Heats Up in Record Time

You won’t have to wait for the heat up time with this hair straightener because it’s made to get to the correct temperature in record time. It also offers a whole range of temperature settings, so no matter what type of hair you have it’s possible to get the desired results. In fact, there are lots of people with more coarse hair who are reporting a really good straightening style with it.

Best at Holding Fine Hair

People with fine hair seem to love this iron because it holds it well without getting caught, but thicker hair types don’t have the same kind of luck. I have a lot of very fine hair, so I could manage this kind of power with mine, but my sister-in-law who straightens her hair every day probably wouldn’t get what she needs.

Extra Stuff For FREE, and Take It Everywhere

HSI glove and bag

Comes with glove and travel bag

The HSI comes with several additions beyond just the iron, something you don’t tend to find with other models. You get a travel bag as well as a glove so you can avoid burning your hand. I have burned my hand more times than I care to count, so a glove is a welcome “freebie” for me!

It’s also travel friendly, so if you’re going overseas you don’t have to get another straightener. It’s capable of both voltages so you can jet set around the world, and still have great hair.

Hot Spots – And I Don’t Mean Night Clubs!

While this hair straightener may get to the heat it’s supposed to, it does unfortunately have places throughout the plate that get hotter than others. This means you can pull a clump of hair through the plate to have part of it straighten perfectly while other sections remain clumpy and frizzy. I guess it’s just a matter of practice and getting used to the iron itself.

No Trick for Shut Off

This iron does not have an auto-shut off. That’s a pretty big problem in my house. My husband and I have gotten into many arguments because I’ve almost burned the house down by leaving my straightening iron on (a slight exaggeration, but my husband does tend to over react). For this reason, I now need one with an auto off.


I am a little concerned about no auto shut-off, but if you’re not as clumsy or forgetting as I am (and you have a more forgiving husband) this doesn’t have to be a problem. It’s a great straightener for people with naturally fine and super curly hair, and it’s better than everything else in this price range.

If you think the HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron has the perks you need at a price that’s agreeable, head “straight” on over to Amazon and make it yours.