Hot Tools PinkTitanium Flat Iron Review

I Think We Have A Different Idea Of What Auto Means

My husband has one rule about my straightening irons: They MUST have an auto shut off. In fact, I’m not allowed to bring anything home that can’t help him combat my forgetfulness. He has to be sure my iron will help with his crusade against burning the house down!

Anyway, most of the irons I’ve had since this rule was made have a half or one hour shut off. This means the last time they’re used, the timer starts to count down and it shuts off after the period of time it’s supposed to. This leaves enough time so I can go back and touch up my hair while I’m getting ready to leave without having to restart the iron, but it will shut off on its own if I forget to turn it off.

It Stays On For How Long?

So I guess I’m more confused than anything about the Hot Tools PinkTitanium Digital Salon Flat Iron. It has an auto shutoff feature, but it doesn’t turn off for 10 hours. TEN HOURS? By that time, I would already be home from work and my counter would be more than destroyed. I don’t even understand the point of having the auto off. I mean, I guess stylists might have it on for that long without touching it, so maybe it makes sense for professional use, but it certainly isn’t priced like a professional iron.
If I’m missing something here, please let me know…

Combination Plates Are A Little Confusing

Other than the oddly long turn off time, the PinkTitanium has some features that are pretty convenient. It has titanium plates that are emerging as a really good way to get consistent heat, but the plates are actually powered by ceramic under the titanium. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. I’m not sure why you need both, and my understanding was that they are two totally different approaches to getting your hair straight. That being said, if they both work separately, I don’t see why they wouldn’t work together.

Less Wear And Tear For The Hair You Wear

One of the nice things about the plates on these irons is they have a covering that will stop problems with chipping, rusting or eroding because of the chemicals used when straightening your hair. This makes a big difference to those who have to use a lot of product to protect their hair, and it helps a lot when you’re trying to protect your hair without destroying your iron.

Lock In Your Settings

Some irons like this one have a rounded body and plates that get very close together but the buttons are on the outside. This can be a problem when you’re holding the iron where the buttons are. That being said, the manufacturer has made arrangements for this, so the buttons can be locked when you’re using it. You won’t risk turning the iron up way too high by mistake and end up burning your hair.

Round For A Reason

The plates on this iron are rounded at the edges, which is a pretty cool way of making sure you don’t get crimps in your hair when you’re using it. They also make it easier to curl your hair. Yes, you can use your straightening iron to curl your hair!

Heat When You Need It

Hot Tools PinkTitanium before and after image

Hot Tools before and after pictures

A lot of different hair types can take advantage of the different options in temperature, but everyone should do their homework before putting an iron on their hair. Different textures, lengths and thicknesses need varying heat types, and that means it’s pretty easy to burn your hair. Using too little heat though, can lead to frizz and hair that doesn’t stay in place for the whole day. At this point, you’ve basically wasted your time getting it under control to begin with.

Even Bob Barker Would Say That The Price Is Right

Irons with all these features like the slanted plates and titanium covering can cost almost $200. To see this one with professional options at just $45 gets me pretty interested (despite my confusion over the shut-off time). The price is totally right, and it would be a good tool to take with me when I travel.

Good At Pushing Buttons

While you can lock the iron so the temperature doesn’t change, it is still annoying to hit the buttons while you’re using it, especially if they beep. There are plenty of users who are really unhappy with this piece of design.

This iron isn’t terribly expensive, and that’s a really good thing when you consider the lifetime of it. Some people say it stuck around for about a year. Other people say it died well before that. Then there are people who say it doesn’t reach the heat it’s supposed to, which means they have to crank up the dial way higher than they want to.

Enough for the Money

While I think this does a pretty good job considering the price, I’m happy to pay for a great iron that does the whole job, even if the price is a lot higher. Aside from the performance that is good but not great, I also don’t think it’s worth saying that it has an auto shutoff if it doesn’t kick in for 10 hours. This directly violates husband’s only rule, so it won’t be coming home with me. That being said, it’s probably a perfectly suitable iron for people who don’t have the same rules.

On a totally separate and unimportant note, why is this called “PINKTASTIC” if it’s not pink? My girly side very much feels gipped!

I think the better choice in this price range is the HSI Professional 1, but if you don’t use your iron every day, or you have agreeable hair that doesn’t need a whole lot of heat, there’s probably no reason this one won’t work for you.