DeroTeno Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron Review

A Mashup of Awesome Materials

If you can get your eyes off its crisp white encasement and dramatic black accents long enough to really take a good look at this straightener, you’ll see just how impressive it is.

Let’s jump right into this one because I’m too excited about it to sit around talking about my own experiences and blah, blah, blah. OK, this affordable flat iron brings together the great qualities of both titanium and ceramic. It also has an awesome ionic ability, but we’ll get to that later.

The titanium core of the actual plates heats up super fast, is VERY lightweight, and is durable as heck. Ceramic, though great for smoothing your hair, is notorious for taking a long time to get warm. To get around this problem, the titanium heats super fast. But titanium can have hot and cold spots. Good thing that ceramic distributes heat evenly and makes up for that problem,

See? It’s truly a “best of both worlds” sort of an arrangement. Ceramic can get a little heavy, but titanium is lightweight. Titanium has hot spots, but ceramic heats evenly. Ceramic takes a while to heat up, but titanium heats very quickly. Titanium cools quickly, but ceramic evenly distributes heat. Titanium can’t create a nice smooth, shiny finish, but ceramic can!

Moisture on Lock

Do you have a problem with dry hair? What about frizzy, poofy hair? Is your hair damaged from years of using harsh hair products? If you said “yes” to any of these things you are in dire need of a straightener which generates ions. This special ability (which, of course, is part of this DeroTeno iron) locks moisture inside your hair.

I won’t waste your time getting all technical about it, but the production of negative ions helps this kind of flat iron trap your hair’s natural moisture (or that little bit of dampness you left in after the shower) inside the shaft of each individual strand. What does this do? This helps weigh your hair down so it doesn’t frizz and poof. It also helps it stay healthy, prevents split ends, and keeps hair from just breaking apart when you brush.

Oh, but wait – there really is more! Ionic irons actually have the ability to heat FASTER than other irons because they send heat further into each strand of hair. Heating fast like this reduces the amount of time your hair has to be exposed to heat, which also reduces the chance of causing any further damage. Gosh, this straightener really is #winning.

Speaking of Locks

Ever open your haircare drawer to find a big mess of tools and cords that looks more like a bird’s nest than a collection of awesome hair care products? Yeah, me too.

The problem many of us face is that things like straighteners and crimpers don’t hold themselves closed the way that traditional curling irons do. Even if we wrap the cord around them they inevitably pop themselves back open and sneakily create a mess in the drawer when we aren’t looking. One way around this? A lock.

Just clip the lock in place to hold the entire straightener shut after it’s cooled down. Then, wrap the cord around it, tuck in the end, and pop it in the drawer.

DeroTeno temperature dial

Green means the set temperature is reached. Get to work!

Dial it In

Adjust the heat setting using a dial. The numbers are printed directly on the dial so you can pick a particular heat level instead of just a low and high setting. This is great if your hair tends to react better to something in a mid-range that falls between traditional low and high settings.

This is also great because it doesn’t ask you to rely on a digital display. I know everyone’s getting all excited about the digital displays on a lot of the new hair straighteners, but digital displays can fail or get damaged. And if that happens, how will you know if you have it set to the right temperature? Thankfully, this straightener’s dial means that you never have to worry about any of that stuff.

And That Price!

Not only is this iron already competitively priced, it actually goes on sale for unbeatable low prices. Keep your eye on it on Amazon, and swoop in for the purchase at just the right time.