CHI G2 Hair Straightener Review

A Great Option for All Hair Types

Most of us ladies know that we often share makeup, hairbrushes, and styling accessories with our friends – after all, if you’re heading out on a big night out, you don’t all want to bring your own accessories, do you? However, I’ve found that sharing straighteners with my friends can be pretty problematic. I’ve got very fine, flyaway hair which is pretty fragile and difficult to handle, so my friend’s flat iron simply gets too hot for my hair to cope with. She has thick, coarse hair and needs much more heat than I do to get sleek, smooth locks. Luckily, I’ve found the answer to this problem in the CHI G2! This dynamic flat iron has it all – a sleek and attractive design, the latest technology, and, yes, even outstanding performance! It’s also ideally suited for use on all types of hair from the finest to the coarsest, thanks to its color-coded temperature settings that make it a breeze to select the best one for your own individual needs.

Great for All Hair Types

One of the features that I really love about this flat iron is its ability to adapt to different hair types. In my case, I have quite fine hair, and even though I’ve been growing it I’ve found that it can be difficult to care for because it can be quite flyaway. These straighteners have it all sewn up thanks to their ability to adjust temperature settings to suit different kinds of hair. Coarse, medium, and fine strands are all provided for, and you can choose temperatures right up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t have any problems reading the temperature either – the LCD color-coded screen ensures that you can quickly and easily see whether the device is at the right temperature for you, and make adjustments accordingly. The blue setting is designed for people like me with fine hair. This setting heats the iron up to 370 degrees, which is perfect for my more fragile locks. The green setting goes up to 395 degrees and is designed for wavy, medium textured hair, while the red setting goes right up to the maximum temperature of 425 degrees and is perfect for coarse hair.

A Speedy Heat-Up Time

Do you need to be ready and out of the door in minutes every morning? I admit, I’m guilty of hitting the snooze button too many times and then having to rush at the last moment to make sure I don’t miss the bus to work! With these straighteners, heat-up time is never a problem – just 40 seconds and I’m ready to straighten and go in minutes.

A Full-Featured Flat Iron

CHI flat irons are known for their ergonomic, stylish design and their impressive reliability, but the G2 takes this to a whole new level thanks to its cutting-edge advanced technology. If you’ve used other CHI straighteners before, you’ll find that this model offers even better performance due to the infusion of high-grade titanium in the ceramic floating plates for which this brand is famous. As a result, I’ve found that my hair is shinier, silkier, and, most importantly, frizz-free every time I use them.

Long Lasting and Well Protected

As you’d expect from any CHI product, this flat iron has been built to last. It comes fully protected with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty too, so you’ll have nothing to worry about in the unlikely event that a fault develops in the first two years after purchase. The infused plates also promise a much longer lifespan, so you shouldn’t have to invest in another set of flat irons for a good long while!

Tons Of Flexibility

If you’ve ever used flat irons in the past, and they’ve promised the world but then barely delivered, you won’t be disappointed by the CHI G2. While most straighteners state that they can be used not only for straightening but for curling, waving, and bending too, some simply aren’t fit for these purposes when you actually try them out. The G2, on the other hand, really can do all those things and more. The manufacturer promises that this model allows you to smooth, straighten, curl, spiral, wave, bend, and flip, and indeed you can. The flexibility this flat iron offers is second to none, meaning you can create a whole new you in minutes. Even better, if you’re a regular traveler overseas, you’ll be delighted to discover that these straighteners come equipped with dual voltage; you’ll have no problem at all using them during your travels abroad. Now there’s no excuse for bad hair in your vacation snaps!

Great Value and Great Flexibility at your Hair Tips!

The price tag of this flat iron isn’t too bad at all. In fact, it comes in at under $100, which makes it great value for money, especially for anyone like me who shares styling tools with their friends. It definitely comes highly recommended!