Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron Review

It’s Called Onepass for a Reason. Time Saver!

Irons that straighten in just one pass take me to my happy place. Seriously! The difference between a one pass iron and anything that takes longer than that can be as much as 15 minutes in the morning. 15 MINUTES! That’s (yes) 15 minutes of precious sleep I miss out on because my straightener doesn’t work fast enough.

I have had several straighteners claiming to be one-pass deals, but only a few of them worked out that way. They all offered about the same amount of heat, but some of them didn’t heat up fast enough while others had hot spots. This meant I had to keep going back over my hair with the good area of the iron rather than just getting it all at once.

How Many Passes? ONE?!

The Bio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron claims to have all of that wrapped up in one package. Onepass is in its name, so that has to mean something right?! It’s also probably telling that it kind of looks like it was made for speed with the sleek exterior and an easy to grip handle. It’s basically a race car for your hair.

Ceramic And Silicone Makes It Grabby

This hair straightening iron has silicone on the plates that help it go smoothly through hair without catching (like a lot of irons do). The idea of an iron that isn’t painful to use or that won’t grab a bunch of hair when you aren’t paying attention sounds downright delightful to me.

Heats Up And Ready To Go

The heat up time on this bad boy is pretty impressive, in fact it’s almost instant. Some of the best irons I’ve had take a long time to heat up, so I’m always on the hunt for one that moves faster. I could cut an extra five minutes out of my morning routine if my iron heated up faster. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, if you combine the five minutes for heat time with the extra fifteen minutes to go over and over my hair, I could be racking up an extra 20 minutes worth of sleep. TWENTY MINUTES!

Negative Ions Block In Moisture. For Real.

The plates on this have a mineral covering as well as ionic and infrared functions that keep the hair smooth and shiny. Negative ions are used to combat static and frizz in the hair, and trap in moisture. Dry hair gets frizzy and gross. Hair with moisture stays put and remains just how you like it.

Size Options For Onepass

Another cool thing about this flat iron is it comes in two sizes. If you have longer hair like I do, and you won’t be doing a whole lot of curling you’ll do well with the 1.5 inch version. The standard option is 1 inch which I usually go with because I like to be able to curl and add volume, and I feel this size gives more control but that’s really a matter of preference.

BioIonic Straighten Curl

Not just for straightening

Heat Where You Need It

There are several heat levels on this product, and it goes up to 400 degrees without a lot of waiting time. That being said, you may not need the 400 degree setting, so you might want to opt for one of the lesser ones so your hair is smoothed and not fried! Too much heat can be bad for a lot of hair types. When all else fails, opt for less and raise it if you aren’t getting the result you want (just a little tip if you’re new to this type of hair product).

Flat Or Not?

One of the coolest things about this straightener is it’s compact enough to be used for straightening, curling, adding body and more. It’s called a flat iron because that’s the primary purpose, but the heat levels as well as the manoeuvrability of the body is enough to make it possible to do much more than that.

Get It In Line With Silicone

The silicone covering over the plates is used to get the hair in order when it’s being pulled through the straightener. While that’s great for most hair types, thicker hair might not have the same luck with it. My hair is naturally very fine so I don’t think I would have that problem, but my best friend has the thickest individual strands of hair I have ever seen. If it’s hard to get larger portions of hair through the straightener because of the silicon, this might not work for her.

Onepass Makes Me Think

Overall, I’m seriously considering the Bio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron. I like the idea of silicone that helps get hair get more in order, and I like that it’s a “onepass” and you’re a done deal. I don’t have time in the morning to keep working on my hair, I just need it to look good so I can get out of the door and on the way to work. If it’s going to take much more time than that, you will have a grouchy person all day because she missed out on some valuable sleep!

If you’re with me and want to give the silicone and other perks a shot, you can glam on over to Amazon and buy the 1-inch or the 1.5-inch here .