BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener Review

Straight Hair Can Be Coarse, Of Course, Of Course

I have yet to find the perfect straightening iron for curling my hair. Yes I know it seems wacky but it does work. The curls that come from a straightening iron have a looser look than the ones made with a curling iron or wand, and I don’t have to use two tools to get the look I want. Sometimes however, the irons are just too thick to get the look I’m going for, and the curls end up looking blocky and kind of crispy.

The BaBylissPro BABNT5073T Nano Wet-To-Dry Straightening Iron has the thinnest body of any straightener I have seen. The plastic barely comes off of the plate on the housing, and that means there’s virtually no room for blocky curls.

Too Much Heat For A Small Housing?

I have always wondered if the bodies of thin irons would get too hot and easily burn you but this one has a housing made of Ryton that doesn’t heat up too much when you’re using it. As someone who can injure herself on just about anything, I like that I can rely on this one to keep me from burning thanks to the update in technology.

Good For Coarse? Of Course!

The BABNT5073T can heat up to 450 degrees, which means it provides enough heat for all hair types. One of the things I like most about this iron is, it’s great for coarse hair. I always hate the idea that certain hair types have to pay a whole lot more to get the right iron for their hair.

If you have hair that’s difficult to straighten, this is probably the iron for you. It can get very long, curly and coarse hair under control in just 20 minutes. That’s a huge difference in time over some of the lower powered alternatives.

Smooth Moves

The Nano Titanium covering on the plates is designed to glide smoothly over the hair without snagging. The titanium surface is much smoother than some alternatives, and that means it gets hair in order quicker and won’t cause frizz. Titanium is the most updated plate technology, and it pays off for this iron.

Worth The Wet To Dry?

I am not convinced about wet-to-dry technology. I like that it is a possibility, but I have yet to see it work. The other problem with wet-to-dry irons, aside from the possibility of frying your hair is they trap in too much moisture.

The negative ion technology most irons have is supposed to make it so the natural moisture and oils of your hair are kept in. That’s what keeps it straight without frizzing. Wet-to-dry irons keep the extra moisture which causes frizz and that’s a look most people are not going for. This one gets around that pretty good though, but make sure your hair isn’t shower-wet when you use it. On damp hair it works good.

Paying For Your Baby

There are some less expensive standouts in the straightening iron field, but for the most part you should expect to put between $80 and $120 into an iron you’re going to use often. At around $100 for this one, I think it’s a fair amount to pay considering what you’re getting. If this one lasts years (as it should), I think it’s the perfect option considering how well people of all hair types do with it.

The Waiting Game

Another thing to notice about these irons is they don’t boast about heat up speed. Most current irons do, but this one doesn’t even come close. They do take a while to heat up which creates a problem for me in the morning. I already have to be out of bed at 5:30 a.m. so the idea of “crawling” out even sooner just so I can do my hair isn’t all that appealing!

No Shutoff? No Go

Professional style irons tend to leave off the auto shutoff feature, but (I know I’m repeating myself) this poses a problem for me. My husband doesn’t allowed me to have anything without an auto shutoff because I have the memory of a hamster. Rather than burn down my house, I pass on irons without this perk.

Close, But No Cigar

While it makes a good effort, the 1.5 Inch BaBylissPro Titanium-Plated Wet-To-Dry BABNT5073T Nano still isn’t the iron for me. I need the auto shutoff, and I want something that heats up faster.

That being said, I think there are a lot of people who would actually do really well with it. It’s great for styling, and I love that it’s treated like a go-to for many people with coarse or thick hair.
So if you have better memory than me and can live without auto shutoff, and you need an iron that can sort through your coarse hair especially if perks like wet-to-dry are top of your list, then scoot on over to Amazon and get it straight!